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Jeffreyln and camera

Age: 45  
Height: 5' 9"  
Body Type: Athletic Eyes: Blue
Ethnicity: Caucasian Married: Single
City: LIVERMORE State: CAReligion: Not Religious
Looking for: Long-term Relationship Drink: Daily
Smoke Pot: Never  


window shopping, hiking, backpacking, wildlife, drives down a one lane road, exploring, photography


Let’s see rewrite number five. I guess a profile is like a resume but for the purpose of finding love. So I guess it would behoove me to be a bit more long winded and sell myself instead of being my typical short sweet and blunt self.

I am 35 years old and live in the bay area California city of Livermore. I am an eccentric geek who has a passion for the world of computers. I am adventurous and inquisitive by nature and love to explore new places. I am a firm believer about being open and true to myself in regards to my interest. My hobbies include window shopping hiking/backpacking wildlife drives down a one lane road exploring new places and photography.

I love powerful, open minded, intelligent, confident, adventuress, outgoing, and aggressive women, with mean streaks. I like a woman who can communicate and is open and true to herself about her interest and desires.

An ideal date for me would be anything from getting a cup of coffee to taking a stroll through a park. I am not into sports really but an outing to mini golf or bowl wouldn't be a bad date or time for me. A trip to a zoo is a great time for me, even a stroll through a mall. I am not a big bar or club person and don't really dance, yet I am never to shy to wiggle.


A lot of ladies find it curious at 35 and being decently attractive that I am not already married with children. In the world of romance I have two problems.

The first problem is it takes allot to pry me away from the computers on a regular basis, and if im not tied to the computer then im usually out on some wacky adventure like my current obsession to get some nice photos of some mountain lions to model with.

The second problem comes to view with my personal interest and likes which makes it very hard for me to find ladies that I mesh well with. The question is always however when it comes to explaining my romantic problems how much of your interest do you share. These days typically if pressed for a awnser I usually just say I am kinky and its a relationship must have, a deal breaker.


you’re welcome to contact me through here or at my email

you can also learn more about me at

Must over look the forehead indentations on my keyboard...

Must like reoccurring algorithms, I do some things always...

Must be cool with changes to algorithms, sometimes algorithms change then I do the new algorithms repetitively...

Must be acceptable of the spontaneous, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with the awnser and need to capture them…

Must know what a BSoD is, I tend to chuckle or cuss or do both when my code makes them occur in the development environment…