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Blame It On Love (BIOL) is a cool dating site. It doesn't suck. Why?

Well it's free. But unlike another free site which deserves to remain nameless, it isn't confining and constricting. There aren't a hundred times a hundred rules you could break that will get you banned or suspended. One is treated like an adult. One is respected like an adult.

We chat about different topics and just like real chat in real life it can veer off topic and we don't get in trouble. That's what keeps conversation fresh. We can be serious. We can be silly. We can be loving. We can be hateful. We're allowed to have personalities.

There aren't evil moderators here getting their jollies by kicking people or talking down to them. You don't have to constantly look over your shoulder and wonder if you'll get suspended for writing some not approved cuss word or having some not approved attitude.

Our profile pictures don't have these arbitrary rules applied to them on a whim. The pic I have now is of me. It's an artistic edit of a real photo of myself. I am allowed to have this up. I know of two dating sites where it wouldn't be approved and one site where I'd probably have my photo posting "privileges" revoked for having it up.

You don't have to be dating to be here. You can simply enjoy the friendships you make. The creator isn't a pompous control freak ass like the creator of another free site, who deserves to remain nameless.

I wonder what others like about this site and to the creator, what is your vision for the site? What experience would you like members to have here?

Okay, here I'll name names. What dating or friendship sites have I tried and didn't like? There are several of them. But two that come to mind are Yahoo and Plentyoffish aka POF. The latter made me feel bad inside.